Monday, 13 January 2014

A Beginning

Hello and welcome to Science Behind the Curtain. My name’s Chris Banks and I’ll be your host.

As a one-time student of biology and of commerce, I have a broad range of interests, relating to ecology, conservation, economics, sustainability and science more generally, and am a voracious reader. As such, I think I have a few things to say on a range of different topics. As a New Zealander, a lot of my blog topics will relate to goings on in my own country, but I’m keen that it should be interesting reading for a range of people.

The title Science Behind the Curtain is a reference to The Wizard of Oz. In modern society, we quite cheerfully go about our daily lives without fully realising or appreciating the extraordinary knowledge base which underlies our civilisation. Sometimes we rely on that knowledge in our everyday lives, sometimes not, but either way, drawing back the curtain and seeing just what’s going on is often a fascinating exercise.

For the time being, I’ll cover topics of interest to myself, gather a bit of feedback and see how I get along. I look forward to seeing what people have to say on various topics and expanding my horizons as a result.

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